danielnikolovskiHi, I’m Daniel Nikolovski, founder and author of Grindtime.io. I eat, sleep and breathe SEO. And while I am still learning new things every day, I believe have a lot to offer with the 6+ years experience I have with SEO and UI/UX design. I’ve had the honor to work with Fortune 500 brands such as UsTwo, one of the leading digital studios in the world, the creative agency H5 and many more.

How me and my team can help your business thrive

We are helping businesses rank higher in the search engines on a daily basis. We are running internal case studies to stay on top of all updates. And thanks to all this data, we have ranked a ton of sites in extremely competitive niches.

Since link building is still one of the most powerful ranking factors, we are continuously acquiring some of the most qualitative auction domains on the web. We have an internal network where we rent out homepage spots on these sites, you can apply here.

I hope you can find my stuff useful and feel free to shoot me a friend request on facebook if you want to connect.