Hi, I’m Daniel Nikolovski, author and founder of Grindtime.io. I’m going to be brutally honest right off the bat and say it as it is, I am in no way a perfect marketing guru who is making millions online, I am still learning new things every day. Though I have a lot of value to offer with the 5+ years experience I have with SEO and UI/UX design. I’ve had the honor to work with Fortune 500 brands such as UsTwo, one of the leading digital studios in the world, the creative agency H5 and many more.

I’ll never be doing paid training courses, everything you find on here will be 100% free except for the backlinks I am selling as a service. There is enough money to be made in the affiliate business for all of us already, so why would I charge my readers? Don’t be fooled though, the content I’ll be providing here for free will have at least the same impact as those insanely priced paid courses.
I won’t be flooding you with unnecessary posts just for the sake of filling this site with content, though when I do post, you
 can expect case studies, exciting experiments and the latest methods used by the top online marketers of today. I will also be doing easily executable step-by-step guides to help you take immediate action without feeling overwhelmed by information overload.

I hope you can find my stuff useful and feel free to shoot me a friend request on facebook at any time.